Testimonials for Dez Stephens

Maryn Williams, creator of WebSense


"Dez Stephens is magnetic! She has the ability to pull the best out in people and is a remarkable problem solver who has a history of unique and diverse successes."

Bliss Wood, holistic wellness coach


"Dez Stephens will empower you to achieve your goals through her thoughtful and intuitive coaching. She offers a solid platform for you to experience what's best for you."

Vishal K. Verma, DC

"Dez is an idea-a-minute, energetic and positive individual whose only interest is the betterment of her client. Her consistent marketing and opportunity ideas have helped me stay on top of my own business vision as well as plan for my future endeavors."

Alana Nash, journalist, author & speaker

"What amazes me most about Dez is how she seems to always be thinking about me, and how she can help me advance my career. Of course, all her other clients must think this, too, because she is constantly on the lookout for opportunities, researching not only what's out there, but what might be out there soon. I can't imagine making a major move without her. How can one woman be so smart?"

Sara Smith, The Girls Landscaping


"Without exception, we highly recommend Dez Stephens to anyone needing marketing for their business. She is prompt, efficient and, above all, effective in promoting your company."

Jen Hoeft


"Dez is brilliant, big-thinking and passionate about her client's path...She sees the best, she thinks out-of-the-box, and implements her ideas faster than anyone I've seen. She can see your path before YOU can!"

Vintage Heartland

"Dez Stephens is an inspiration and a brilliant advisor to our start-up lingerie & clothing company. She is enthusiastic, passionate, creative and is always bringing new ideas to the table for us. She is our go-to person in Nashville, and we want her to be a part of our team forever! We always turn to Dez for her guidance, motivation and advice."

Denise Hoolhorst, author

"When I sat down to meet with her, I wanted her to tell me exactly what to do and how to do it. By the end of my first session, it was clear that I had this wisdom in myself the whole time...just needed someone like her to help me find my voice! I would HIGHLY recommend this coaching to ANYONE with a pulse."

Dr. Beth Halbert, America's Teenologist


"Dez has been great at always keeping me in mind and sending me leads. Especially the one that led to a monthly online radio series."

Leigh Ann Roberts, VP & Co-Founder


"Dez Stephens is a truly gifted individual. She is a wealth of information and has an innate talent for mirroring back a person's higher self."

Joanna Cain, author and wellness expert


"Dez is an outstanding marketing coach who offers timely guidance for those embarking on the self-publishing process. Dez thoroughly understands the vendors' requirements as well as the nuances of the e-commerce market, which enable her to offer a superior service."

Amy Kiger, owner of Coco Greens 

"Dez has excited my business! I was able to hand off projects that I was not able to give the time and attention to; she jumped on them quickly; brought in new ideas and finished them quickly. I have seen the results of her feedback in the improved quality of my marketing material, website, and even staff. She reminds me of the saying, 'Bigger, Better, Faster, More..' When it comes to ideas, projects, and over all 'umph' in getting tasks done.. she puts forth just that.. Bigger, Better, Faster, More and it has become a driving force at my business."

Bill Halbert, PhD

"Every once and awhile you run across someone with extraordinary skills and talents. Dez Stephens is that person! While working with me as a Marketing Coach, Dez displayed maximum creativity, consistent initiative, and brilliant decision making. My business was greatly enhanced through her commitment to The Halbert Company. Anyone is lucky to have her service."

Sandy Griffin, author & speaker & coach

"Dez Stephens has been my coach/cheerleader for nearly 10 years. Because of her I have gotten radio interviews, have been published in magazines - even international; and have been told about speaking engagements before others know about events. Dez believes in her clients more than they believe in themselves! If you want to really rock, Dez is the ONLY coach to use!!"

Dr. Donna Ligda

"Some people see the world in black and white and some in varying shades of color. Rarely someone like Dez Stephens comes along who sees a full spectrum of the rainbow and most signficantly can translate her terrific ideas into real options, solutions and business practices."

Jennifer Gillies, author


"Dez is a visionary like none other. She is able to see your vision from a higher perspective and add so much more than you imagined whilst bringing it into reality. We had an idea and she made it real but better! Her creativity, commitment, ingenuity and genius are astounding. Many people have commented on how the cover design and layout drew them in. That is precisely the 'more' that we feel Dez has added to our project. We are ever so grateful for her efforts, it is so much more than we could have hoped for."

Susan Murray, wellness coach & author

"As a first-time book author, I was unfamiliar with and anxious about the editing and independent publishing routine. Dez was kind, patient and ever available throughout the entire process. She promptly answered my many questions and eagerly helped troubleshoot issues in writing and formatting as they arose, explaining why certain changes would be necessary while retaining my voice in the project. Dez's expertise and guidance were invaluable as she worked with me in partnership to help bring my story to fruition."

David Walter Smith


"Dez takes in what you have to say and gives it platform digestable to the masses. She has an observant eye and an open mind that allows her to see what many miss. For that and so much more I am in her debt."

Debi Smith

"Dez is like the Energizer rabbit. Her ideas just keep flowing and going; and each idea is achievable. She is generous with her time and an easy person to be around. Dez never hesitates to guide my business into a positive direction, never making me feel like I'm a dumb bunny. In fact, she empowers me and makes me feel brilliant. I'm grateful for her on many levels."

Dalila Adams

"Working with Dez Stephens has consistently been a wonderful experience. She will lift you up even in your most trying times! She is positive, very well-networked and knows who and what you need to move your business forward!"